What exactly does the Economic Board The Hague do?

21st August 2023

The Economic Board The Hague (EBTH) is founded in 2017 and is an advisory group that advises the municipality of The Hague on economic matters, solicited and unsolicited. The EBTH now consists of ten members, who meet six to eight times a year. It is a mix of people from the business community in The Hague. See the full composition of the board here.

There were questions from politicians in The Hague about what exactly the board does and a motion followed to stop the subsidy. The motion was rejected and, according to alderman Bruines, the EBTH ‘is thinking along with the municipality on all kinds of possible themes. It is the lubricant between the city council, the business community and knowledge institutions. The EBTH tries to bring ideas that we have to the attention of the business community more broadly, in the field of sustainability, mobility, cyber security and safety, but also, for example, about the future of Scheveningen.”

Harry Wientjens, chairman of the EBTH: ‘Take the future of Scheveningen. We think along with questions such as: how do you involve the port? What is the role for beach clubs in local economy? How can Scheveningen remain easily accessible? Will it become green, will there be more festivals, or will tradition – fishing – be given a prominent place? And how do we connect Scheveningen to the city?’

The EBTH works unpaid and in recent years the organization has been further professionalized, with the municipal contribution being phased out. “We see no reason to stop the subsidy,” says alderman Bruines. See the full news item for more background information.