Current Projects

The Economic Board The Hague (EBTH) launches economic projects and accelerates specific ventures that will help to achieve its goals and ambitions. These undertakings can vary widely in nature. The EBTH aims to support projects in the startup phase. It does this in many ways, such as finding promising ideas or developing them itself, bringing parties together (around a suitable project idea), helping projects acquire funding, carrying out or commissioning feasibility studies, writing business cases and facilitating project designs. During (or following) this first phase, the EBTH passes on projects to parties that are active in The Hague. However, it remains involved in the projects as an ambassador and sometimes as a strategic partner. The EBTH has a limited operating budget available to cover project startup costs and/or to facilitate its role as co-financer for economic projects.


An experience centre where primary and secondary school students are introduced to programming and engineering, thereby enabling IT talent in The Hague and further afield to flourish.

Energy Transition and Employment

A concept aimed at training people and facilitating their entry into growth sectors of The Hague’s economy. The focus is very much on energy transition.

Plant of the Future

Business accelerator/testing ground where larger Dutch corporations support scale-up B2B software firms in the industrial sector to take their second or third step of growth.

Cybersecurity and SMEs

An intermediate vocational education Cybersecurity Lab that connects students with learning placements at companies in The Hague and advises SMEs in the city on reducing security risks.

Strengthening local entrepreneurship

Matching supply and demand in The Hague Business Investment Zones (BIZs) by focusing on unemployed young people within the city’s neighbourhoods.