Letter of congratulations to the Provincial Executive of South Holland from The Hague Connected

5th July 2023

On Monday 19 June the coalition agreement was presented in the provincial house by the chairmen of BBB, VVD, GroenLinks, PvdA and CDA. The Hague Connected has taken note of the coalition agreement with interest and has sent a letter of congratulations to the candidate deputies who are expected to be installed at the beginning of July.

By means of this letter, The Hague Connected wishes to provide a number of points for the further implementation and elaboration of the coalition agreement in the coming years. In the coming term of office, €150 million will be made available for additional efforts on social issues and ambitions.

The complete overview of candidate deputies, including the intended allocation of portfolios, is as follows:

  • Mariëtte van Leeuwen (BBB): Finance, Communication and Participation, EU – International, ZHPLG Coordination, Healthy & Safe
  • Frank Rijkaart (BBB): Program Approach to Nitrogen, Agriculture, Personnel & Organisation, Regional Representative for Veenmeadows, Green Heart (Novex)
  • Jeannette Baljeu (VVD): Transitions port and industry (and Novex port)/maritime cluster, Water and Soil, Climate adaptation, Regional delegation leader BOL/BO MIRT (coordination Novex), Regional Commissioner ZH-Delta
  • Frederik Zevenbergen (VVD): Traffic & Transport, Administration & Society, Licensing, Aviation, Land Affairs
  • Berend Potjer (GroenLinks): Energy, Nature, Environmental Act, Regional Commissioner for Coast and Dunes, IPO board
  • Anne Koning (PvdA): Housing, Spatial Planning, Tourism, Recreation and Sport, Urbanization Area (Novex)
  • Meindert Stolk (CDA): Economy & innovation, (Greenports, SMEs, circular), Supervision & Enforcement, Culture & Heritage