Welcome Gijsbert van Herk – New member Economic Board The Hague

4th March 2022

Gijsbert van Herk joins as a member of the Economic Board The Hague. Since May 2021, he has been chairman of the board of the Staedion housing corporation in The Hague.

‘In the field of public housing, the housing issue with area developments in the city and region, I think I can make a contribution to The Hague and within the Economic Board The Hague. Staedion is a huge part of The Hague. 1 in 6 to 7 homes belongs to this organisation. The people who live there are often not self-reliant. Connecting this fact to the board’s objectives can only be positive. Given my background, I can also contribute to worlds such as healthcare, real estate, entrepreneurs and help connect the public sector.

Previously, Gijsbert was general manager/municipal secretary, director of urban development and director of social affairs and employment at the municipality of Breda. Before that, he held various positions throughout the country at BMC Advies. In 2019 he was nominated as ‘national healthcare manager of the year’, as well as ‘influencer of the year’ and as ‘best performing (executive) civil servant in the Netherlands’. After Breda, he was chairman of the board of Stichting Humanitas Rotterdam and surroundings for 6 years, active in the broad field of (long-term home care) care, shelter and welfare. He was also a member of the board of the National Program Rotterdam South in that period.

More information about Gijsbert see: https://gijsbertvanherk.work/