Developments in the (The Hague) labor market

11th November 2022

On Wednesday, 2 November, Michiel Middendorf spoke at the Society Committee of the Hague City Council to discuss developments in the (The Hague) labor market with involved council members and experts.

The questions that were central during the meeting:

  • What is the current situation on the labor market in The Hague?
  • Where are the major labor shortages and where is there a surplus?
  • What are the expectations for developments in the short and medium term?

There is a mismatch in the labor market: many people who are on the sidelines on the one hand and large staff shortages on the other.

  • How do we solve it?

”It is necessary to approach the labor market in a multidisciplinary manner at the highest official level. There must be cooperation between social affairs, economic department and education.”

The full session can be viewed via this link. In addition to the EBTH, CAOP, FNV, The Hague Works and the UWV spoke.