40 million investment for Southwest thanks to impulse second Region deal from the government

22nd February 2023

The government will make €18 million available over the next 4 years to improve the broad prosperity in The Hague Southwest. The municipality of The Hague and various partners together supplement the amount to 40 million euros. With this second Southwest Region Deal, the national government, the municipality of The Hague and a large number of partners have made a long-term commitment to tackling problems in the Southwest, such as poverty, social isolation and lack of opportunities. Investments are mainly made in social connection and the connection of education to the labor market.

Focus on meeting and economy
Martijn Balster, alderman for Housing, Welfare and Southwest in The Hague, sees sufficient opportunities with the allocation of the aforementioned amount to realize at least a large part of the high ambitions for Southwest and to further expand on the successes of the first Regional Deal. “This is recognition for our residents, their activities and our comprehensive approach. Our application has not been fully granted and more is really needed in the future, but with this amount we can fulfill a significant part of our plans. In any case, we focus on meeting places. We are also investing in a better connection between education and the labor market and strengthening the economic climate, in order to build prospects for social security, especially for the youth.”

What does the Southwest Region Deal entail?
In the Zuidwest Region Deal, the national government, the municipality and various partners are working together to improve the broad prosperity in the neighborhoods of Bouwlust, Vrederust, Morgenstond and Moerwijk. The financial impulse of the Regiodeal should ensure that the residents of these neighborhoods can live, work and live comfortably again. The first Southwest Regional Deal was concluded in 2019 and will expire this year. This second Regional Deal runs until 2027.