Economic Board The Hague vision statement for 2022 and beyond

17th December 2021

The Economic Board The Hague, as the name suggests, has a strong focus on the economy of The Hague. But what exactly falls under economics and what does not? There are various subjects that have a strong bearing on the economy, and this is also apparent from the files we have focused on in recent years. From employment to business climate, from mobility to neighborhood-economy and inclusiveness.

The board focuses on the broad prosperity of The Hague. In doing so, we are expressly looking for broader cooperation with other task areas than just economics. In the new EBTH vision statement for 2022 and beyond you can read how the board wants to make more impact and strengthen its contribution to the city, its entrepreneurs and its residents.

The broad prosperity of the city of The Hague is central to everything we do. The strength of our board lies in the connection with the city. In regional cooperation we always look at the interests of The Hague and we put that interest first.