Economic Board The Hague

Economic Board The Hague is an independent think tank and a driving force for the city’s economy. We combine the power of entrepreneurs and knowledge institutes in the city, provide solicited and unsolicited advice on economic policy and launch projects to strengthen the economy of The Hague. We always work in collaboration with other organisations.

City of The Hague challenges innovative startups

As part of the Startup in Residence project, the City of The Hague invites innovative and ambitious startups to work on various complex social issues. For a four-month period, selected startups will not only be given the opportunity to participate in training sessions and masterclasses and to cultivate their ideas with clients, but they will also receive investment to develop prototypes and perfect their solutions.

New subsidy available for innovative SMEs

From 17 April, SMEs can once again apply to receive a subsidy for projects that examine innovation feasibility. The Hague entrepreneurs can submit their applications to the province of Zuid-Holland. You are advised to act swiftly because each application is assessed on a ‘first come, first served’ basis and last year’s budget was heavily oversubscribed.

The Economic Board is committed to creating additional jobs in The Hague during the energy transition

On 15 January, businesses, educational institutions, corporations and civil servants of the City of The Hague met at the Technology and Innovation House of the ROC Mondriaan college to discuss the gap between the labour market and various target groups. The aim was to implement the Energy Transition & Jobs Pact. The parties emphasised the need to balance supply and demand.

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Economic Board The Hague

@L_Gerritsen We hebben inderdaad wat problemen met onze leverancier, wordt hard aan gewerkt. Dank voor het signaal…

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Economic Board The Hague

Banen in de duurzame energie voor maar liefst 400 Haagse langdurig werklozen

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Newsroom Den Haag

52 werkakkoorden in bouw, techniek en energie. Net getekend. 💪 388 banen voor mensen in de bijstand. “Top dit!”, ze…

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Henk Kool

Volgende stap is dat we projecten ,,van werk naar werk’’ gaan initiëren. Meer info?

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Vorige week kondigden de @RaboRegioDH en #ImpactCity hun samenwerking aan tijdens de #GES2019! Lees hier wat de Rab…

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Ondertekening Sectordeal regio Den Haag voor bouw, techniek en energietransitie bij @rocmondriaan : 900 banen invul…

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