The Hague Inspired

On Friday, March 11, 2022, the Economic Board The Hague organized the inspiration and networking event: The Hague Inspired in World Forum The Hague. After a period without large gatherings, this was the event for employers and employees in The Hague to come together again.

Prior to the event, Harry Wientjens, chairman of the Economic Board The Hague, focused on the theme for the afternoon-filling programme: ‘We have to do it together, today we are getting inspired and looking at how we can further connect the city. We are with so many residents of The Hague and ‘Hagenezen’. Ask yourself: with which parties can we work together and how can we get started with this now?

The program has been put together by a unique delegation of speakers from the council of the municipality of The Hague. Ideas and future visions on various current topics were pitched in ‘seven minute talks’ and connected by moderator of the day, Donatello Piras.

Mayor Jan van Zanen, on stage with a Ukrainian flag under his chain of office, kicked off: ‘This afternoon is about connecting and inspiring. The room is full of various large corporates, SMEs, educational institutions, government and many entrepreneurs from The Hague. It is precisely by looking to the future together that we give a boost to The Hague’s economy.’

Yousef Yousef, CEO of LG-Sonic, nominated by alderman Saskia Bruines, spoke of ‘double green’, the middle ground between profit and making an impact. Alderman Arjen Kapteijns brought Jiska Rutteman of i-did onto the stage. She spoke about social and sustainable entrepreneurship ‘let’s fill our backpacks with experiences.’ Marcel Westerdiep of the Escher Museum, invited by alderman Robert van Asten, spoke on behalf of the Museum Quarter about the economic value of culture. Alderman Liesbeth van Tongeren put Marit Brommer in the spotlight, she spoke about the possibilities of geothermal energy and the opportunities for the city of The Hague with this sustainable energy source.

The special performance by the Residentie Orkest and the Hague HipHop Center provided the musical accompaniment to the event with: Symphony 2030 – Notes, Beats & Bars. The mix of classical music and rap is the example of a unique collaboration and that everything is possible in music.

After the interlude, Lea Bouwmeester, invited by alderman Kavita Parphudayal, spoke about the common denominator between Benoordenhout and Moerwijk: vitality. Pierre Heijnen, supported by alderman Martijn Balster, outlined the developments and opportunities in The Hague South West. The afternoon was concluded by the representative of alderman Hilbert Bredemeijer: Nick Bons and Richard Plugge inspired the audience to bring the Tour de France to our city.

The Hague Pearl ceremony
The program concluded with the presentation of the Hague Pearl, a municipal award within the policy field of Economy. The three nominees in the family business category were: Kerkhof & Zonen, Avonturia de Vogelkelder and Van Ginderen. The three nominees in the category exceptional contribution were: Secrid, I-Did and Schuttelaar&Partners.

The winners, Avonturia de Vogelkelder & Secrid, were honored by alderman Robert van Asten and he thanked them for their unique contribution to the Hague economy.

The afternoon was concluded with a networking drink, offered by MKB The Hague, VNO-NCW region The Hague and Royal Horeca The Hague.

Together. Inspired. Forward.