The EBTH wants to help set up an interactive programming and engineering experience centre for school students in The Hague. A feasibility study has already been carried out. The EBTH envisages an experience centre that will trigger a new movement around IT not only in The Hague but throughout the Netherlands. An additional benefit will be that teachers receive appropriate assistance, while students are given a fun opportunity to learn how programming works. This will serve as a template for a structured product that can be supplied to schools in The Hague (and further afield).

The idea behind this project is that current courses tend draw on outdated sectors and know-how. As a result, students scarcely encounter programming and engineering at school, skills which are currently in demand. As IT is a relatively ‘young’ sector, many teachers and policy makers are not very familiar with programming and engineering applications. The EBTH wants to create a structured and tangible response in the region: a central location in The Hague fully focused on programming and engineering; somewhere primary and secondary schools receive the necessary support to help familiarise students with IT and technology. Schools will have the opportunity to visit ‘Programmania’, an interactive experience centre, which will give students the chance to learn about programming and engineering.