Board member Anil Soekhoe is a guest in the latest The Hague Hub Podcast

12th December 2023

On December 11, Anil Soekhoe was a guest in the Hague Hub Podcast. In addition to his role as a board member of the Economic Board The Hague, Anil is the owner of Hop and Stork. He started his business nine years ago and now has two branches, one in The Hague and one in Utrecht. “Entrepreneurship is the best thing there is!”

In addition to his own company, Anil is actively committed to other entrepreneurs in the city, he has various positions, including as a board member of Koninklijke Horeca Nederland The Hague, chairman of the Association of De Passage Belangen, board member at Binnenstad in Bedrijf The Hague and therefore as board member of the EBTH.

The podcast is about the trial and error of entrepreneurs, some just a little harder than others. You will also hear where the origin of the name ‘Haagse Hopjes’ lies and how he combines entrepreneurship with various management positions. You can listen and/or watch the podcast via the links below: