New Projects

Every year, the EBTH launches and supports a number of new projects. In addition to the projects we have for 2018, we are now interested in suitable ideas for 2019 that will strengthen The Hague’s economy. The EBTH uses specific selection criteria to determine which projects or project ideas are eligible for support. The final decision on whether to support an initiative (and the way in which this is done) depends on a combination of factors and is solely at the discretion of the EBTH.

The criteria used to assess a project are as follows.

  • The project will have an impact and contribute strongly to boosting the EBTH’s objectives (creating jobs for the medium-skilled, strengthening SMEs in The Hague, etc.).
  • The project is feasible in practical terms and its initial impact will be noticeable within a year.
  • The project aligns with the EBTH’s strategic programme lines.
  • At least three EBTH members are enthusiastic about leading the project from within the Board.
  • Ownership of the project can be invested in other parties in due course.
  • The project is tailored to municipal policies and initiatives in the region.
  • The project is innovative.

Do you have a project idea that supports the EBTH’s aim of achieving a strong, innovative economy in The Hague, one in which small and medium-sized enterprises are resilient in the transition to the next economy? Contact us!