Come to Den Haag Inspireert!

Come to Den Haag Inspireert!

Are you an entrepreneur or employer? Then come to the inspiration and networking event Den Haag Inspireert! on Thursday 13 June at the Fokker Terminal.

From SMEs to multinationals, everyone is welcome to explore the future together with the city and region. We will challenge you with different themes, encourage collaboration and emphasise expanding your network.

The programme is packed with inspiring seven-minute talks where we share ideas and visions of the future on topical issues. You can also sign up for workshops that can help you move forward with your business. And, of course, the presentation of the ‘Haagse Parel’!

Will you be there? Register, because full = full via Get inspired and invest in your network!

Den Haag Inspireert is made possible by Economic Board The Hague, Gemeente Den Haag, VNO-NCW regio Den Haag, Koninklijke Horeca Nederland Den Haag, MKB Den Haag, Stichting Bedrijventerreinen Haaglanden and Rabobank.

‘The Hague is missing the train’

Through this letter to the informants Dijkgraaf, Van Zwol, and the negotiators, the major employers from The Hague, united in The Hague Connected, request attention to be given to the international train accessibility of the city. The Hague must be included as a full-fledged destination in the international train services. ‘Missing the train’ will have long-term consequences for The Hague’s attractiveness as a business location.

Save the Date – Den Haag Inspireert!

On Thursday the 13th of June, the municipality of The Hague and the Economic Board The Hague organize Den Haag Inspireert! This inspiration and networking event is tailored for entrepreneurs and employers from our city and the surrounding region.

The program kicks off with thought-provoking inspiration sessions, followed by a plenary program featuring high energy ‘seven-minute talks’ by inspiring speakers, who will share their ideas and future visions on current topics. Additionally, the prestigious “Haagse Parel” award will be handed out during the event.


What: Den Haag Inspireert!
When: Thursday juni 13th 2024
Location: Fokker Terminal, Den Haag
Walk-in inspiration sessions 13:15 – 13:45
Inspiration session 13:45 – 14:30
Walk-in plenary program 14:30 – 15:15
Plenary program 15:15 – 17:00
Networking and drinks 17:00 – 18:30

The afternoon will conclude with an informal networking session and a chance to participate in a networking quiz. This will provide ample opportunity to establish new connections, foster collaboration, and promote entrepreneurial endeavours.

Do you want to be inspired in one afternoon about entrepreneurship and topics relevant to The Hague while connecting with fellow entrepreneurs? Please note the date in your calendar using this link.

More information, along with the registration link, will be provided by the end of April 2024. We look forward to welcoming you on Thursday June 13th at the Fokker Terminal. See you there!

Den Haag Inspireert! is an initiative of the Economic Board The Hague and the municipality of The Hague in collaboration with VNO-NCW regio Den Haag, MKB Den Haag, Koninklijke Horeca Den Haag, Stichting Bedrijven Terreinen Haaglanden and Rabobank.

Meeting on mobility developments in The Hague

In collaboration with the municipality of The Hague, a meeting will be organized on Thursday, February 8, 2024 from 4:00 PM about future work, accessibility and the zero-emission zones in the city.

A lot of work is planned in The Hague and surrounding areas in the coming years. This may cause inconvenience and may affect you, your suppliers, employees and visitors from next year until well beyond 2030. Fortunately, there are mobility solutions, such as the mobility scan, that identify alternatives. The following planned activities are on the agenda:

– Hofzichtlaan (near Mariahoeve)
– Mercuriusweg (Binkhorst area)
– Sijtwende tunnel (near N14)

The municipality of The Hague is organizing this information meeting together with Zuid–Holland Bereikbaar, VNO NCW The Hague region, MKB The Hague, Stichting Bedrijventerreinen Haaglanden and the Economic Board The Hague.

Date: Thursday February 8, 2024
Time: 4:00 PM – 7:00 PM (incl. networking drinks)
Location: The Hague Humanity Hub, Fluwelen Burgwal 58, 2511 CJ The Hague

Sign up here.

For up-to-date information about upcoming work in the region, please visit or for information about The Hague visit

About 200,000 more homes will be built in the coming years and many roads, bridges and tunnels are in urgent need of major maintenance. This leads to extra crowds. If we do nothing, we will stand still even more often in South Holland. That is why the Ministry of Infrastructure & Water Management, Rijkswaterstaat, the province of South Holland, the Rotterdam The Hague Metropolitan Region, the municipality of The Hague, the municipality of Rotterdam, ProRail and the Port of Rotterdam are joining forces in the cooperation organization Zuid-Holland Bereikbaar.

Board member Anil Soekhoe is a guest in the latest The Hague Hub Podcast

On December 11, Anil Soekhoe was a guest in the Hague Hub Podcast. In addition to his role as a board member of the Economic Board The Hague, Anil is the owner of Hop and Stork. He started his business nine years ago and now has two branches, one in The Hague and one in Utrecht. “Entrepreneurship is the best thing there is!”

In addition to his own company, Anil is actively committed to other entrepreneurs in the city, he has various positions, including as a board member of Koninklijke Horeca Nederland The Hague, chairman of the Association of De Passage Belangen, board member at Binnenstad in Bedrijf The Hague and therefore as board member of the EBTH.

The podcast is about the trial and error of entrepreneurs, some just a little harder than others. You will also hear where the origin of the name ‘Haagse Hopjes’ lies and how he combines entrepreneurship with various management positions. You can listen and/or watch the podcast via the links below:

The Hague Connected and employers in The Hague once again achieved results with participation in European Mobility Week 2023

Every year, the European Commission organizes European Mobility Week, an awareness campaign about sustainable urban mobility. Just like last year, The Hague Connected participated together with other The Hague companies from September 16 to 22, 2023. This year the theme was ‘travel green, sustainable and healthy’.

NN, Shell, Siemens (all united in The Hague Connected), together with the municipality of The Hague, the Province of South Holland, MKB The Hague, VNO-NCW The Hague region, Rabobank, Green Business Club Beatrixkwartier and The Hague & Partners put in effort for sustainable travel behavior in the The Hague region.


During Mobility Week, employees were encouraged to cycle, use public transport, avoid rush hour or work from home. The participating companies received a digital toolbox via the Economic Board The Hague and Zuid Holland Bereikbaar containing useful tips with sustainable mobility options. The entire week was all about making a joint impact on and increasing sustainable mobility. “It is great to contribute to this initiative together with other major employers in The Hague. In view of the mobility transition, it is good that this campaign returns annually and The Hague remains committed to this,” says Marco Esser, Director of The Hague & Partners.


Measurements were taken by Rijkswaterstaat and all data was examined prior to, during and one month after the action week. During the European Mobility Week, 3.5% fewer cars were measured on the road in the The Hague region and 30,000 km fewer were traveled on the A4, A12 and N14. This takes into account the nuisance on access roads and the additional diversions to and from The Hague. The results were received enthusiastically from Zuid Holland Bereikbaar: “The reduction in the number of car kilometers this week has a second benefit and that is a CO2 reduction of almost 6 tons. Great to see that the joint effort has led to measurable results.”


The mobility week contributes to awareness and helps employers to think about the (legal) changes that will take place in the coming years, such as the reporting obligation for work-related personal mobility and the Zero-Emission city zones.

For more information about The Hague Connected and the results of the Mobility Week 2023, please contact: or Zuid Holland Bereikbaar via


Interview Harry Wientjens: ”We need continuity and stability.”

Today the new coalition agreement will be presented by the municipality of The Hague. “The Hague city council must act much more from the city’s interests and less from party interests.” That is the message from Harry Wientjens chairman of the Economic Board The Hague to the new coalition, the council and the entire Hague city council.

”The economy is important for employment and provides money to invest in the city. That is why it is important that you look at the economy much more broadly, with the aim of getting as many people as possible into meaningful work.” Read this and more in the AD interview.

National Program The Hague Southwest presents implementation plan

Yesterday, the National Program The Hague Southwest (NPZW) presented the implementation plan 2023-2026. The implementation plan contains concrete actions and measures that will be implemented in The Hague South West over the next 4 years.

The NPZW was created by the Southwest Alliance. This alliance consists of 6 mutually collaborating alliance tables that correspond to the 6 main ambitions: Education, Work and economy, Housing and living environment, Safety, Health and vitality, and Social cohesion and participation. The ‘Work and Economy’ alliance is led by Harry Wientjens, chairman of the Economic Board The Hague.

Second regional deal

The alliance council also signed a declaration of support for the Second Regional Deal. In this letter, the Alliance Council stated that it will continue to make efforts in the coming years to achieve the goals of the Second Southwest Regional Deal. The Second Regional Deal – under the flag of the NPZW – builds on the great results of the First Regional Deal. For example, the number of meeting places will be expanded and they will receive professional support.

Via this link for more information about the meeting and the implementation plan.

Europe’s largest impact campus in Binckhaven one step closer with the opening of Titaan

On 7 September, Titaan was officially opened by Edward de Jager (Chairman of the Unknown Group), Rinke Zonneveld (CEO Invest NL) and Elisabeth Minnemann (Chairman of the Executive Board of The Hague University of Applied Sciences and board member of the Economic Board The Hague) in in the presence of 1000 guests from home and abroad. Titaan, the former tobacco storage of the Caballero factory in The Hague, has been transformed into a 13,000 m2 innovation hub by the Municipality of The Hague and Unknown Group. The ambition to make the Binckhaven the largest impact campus in Europe has now come a step closer.

Titaan is a physical meeting place and clubhouse for impact-driven entrepreneurs who make the world a little better with their innovative solutions. Titaan offers more than 60 office spaces for fast-growing companies with 8 to 150 employees who are currently unable to find room for growth in the region. At the opening, the building is already more than half filled with impact companies. An example is Hygro, one of the first tenants in the Titaan. Hygro is an energy company specialized in hydrogen systems. The company first started with 2 employees and grew from startup hub Apollo 14 in the Binckhaven to 17 employees. The step to Titaan enables them to grow further. In addition to offices, Titaan also offers space for more than 200 companies to test their innovative solutions. For example, Hygro will test the possibilities for a self-sufficient energy system in Titaan by producing hydrogen with the energy of 1,000 solar panels on the roof of Titaan.

The basement of Titaan offers space for manufacturing companies. An example is Skeleton. This company makes lightweight mechanical exoskeletons for people who work much beyond their means, such as painters and plasterers. By settling in Titaan, Skelex combines their office and a place for their assembly in one location. Another example is the company KiCo, which is going to develop a 1000 m2 shared kitchen in Titaan to give entrepreneurs with food innovations the opportunity to develop, test and demonstrate their new products.

Breeding ground for talent and impact companies

Titaan is a breeding ground for the development of talent in the region. Unknown Group opens its second location of the Unknown University of Applied Sciences in Titaan. This University of Applied Sciences houses more than 150 students who start a company during their studies and obtain a bachelor’s degree. Amsterdam-based Equals is also opening its second location in The Hague. Equals Academy retrains women for technical training at renowned companies and thus promotes the influx of women into technical professions. The Hague University of Applied Sciences is going to have an innovative educational concept take place in Titaan. This form of education is practice-oriented and in collaboration with Titaan’s business community. The innovation hub thus offers an environment where talent and business come together.

Further development Binckhaven

Unknown Group started in 2008 on the Binckhorstlaan, less than 500 meters from their new location Titaan. It is a company with roots in The Hague, a love for the city and a focus on impact. As a proud partner of ImpactCity and, since 2018, organizer of ImpactFest, Unknown Group is a sustainable partner for the municipality in developing The Hague’s innovation ecosystem. With the opening of Titaan, Unknown Group is taking a step towards its dream to transform the Binckhaven into the largest impact campus in Europe together with partners. A place with attraction at home and abroad where large-scale solutions are being worked on for the challenges of our time.

“We are very proud to return to the Binckhaven with Titaan,” says Edward de Jager, chairman of Unknown Group. “This is the place where Unknown Group once started with the aim of supporting entrepreneurs with their solutions for a better world. We do this by strengthening impactful entrepreneurs with the right environment, training, financing and partnerships with the existing business community. We have found the perfect place for this in Titaan.”


The Hague Connected once again encourages the region of The Hague to make more sustainable mobility choices during the European Mobility Week

From 16 to 22 September 2023, the European Commission is organizing the European Mobility Week for the 21st time. Last year, measurements by Rijkswaterstaat showed that during the mobility week of September 2022, traffic jams on the A4 around The Hague and Rijswijk had reduced. Reason for The Hague Connected to join forces again this year with employers from the Haaglanden region.

European Mobility Week

Every year, the European Mobility Week is organized and it is an awareness campaign for sustainable urban mobility. Nearly 3000 cities in Europe are participating and driving behavioral change in the field of active mobility, public transport and other clean, transport solutions.

In addition, employers will have to deal with (legal) changes in the coming years, such as the introduction of the draft decree CO2 reduction work-related personal mobility and the Zero-Emission city zones.

The Hague

Last year, a total of 70,000 fewer kilometers were traveled during the mobility week, resulting in at least 3% fewer traffic jams. Based on this percentage and the average emissions of a passenger car, this led to a reduction of 14 tons of CO2. That is why The Hague Connected, a partnership of major employers in The Hague from the Economic Board The Hague, is once again stimulating the European initiative in the royal city.

The employers are jointly encouraging their employees to adopt more sustainable travel behavior. This is to contribute to awareness for improved traffic flow on access roads in and around The Hague. The following employers are participating in the mobility week: Aegon, NN, PostNL, Shell, Siemens (allen verenigd in The Hague Connected), Gemeente Den Haag, Provincie Zuid Holland, MKB Den Haag, VNO-NCW regio Den Haag, Rabobank, Green Business Club Beatrixkwartier en The Hague & Partners.

Collaboration Zuid Holland Bereikbaar

The Economic Board The Hague and Zuid Holland Bereikbaar have jointly created an ‘inspiration toolbox’. Employers thus have access to useful sustainable mobility tips to stimulate and inspire employees. In addition, employers use this week to draw attention to (new) sustainable mobility policy.


Companies are cordially invited to participate in European Mobility Week from 16 to 22 September. Support is available for the Hague region from the Economic Board The Hague and Zuid-Holland Bereikbaar. Please contact or